Monday, October 20, 2008

"You have to break a few eggs..."

[If Paul says that one more time I'm gonna...]

But it's true. Growing pains can be, well, painful. Bulldozer noises are stressful. Broken irrigation lines are upsetting. But all for a good cause.

Our latest adventure is the installation of a perimeter pathway in the older part of the garden. Part of the Master Plan created way back in 2001, accessible pathways will provide a smooth, safe surface for foot traffic, wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, crutches; all the ways people get around in our garden. Having attempted to push my own mother through the garden in a wheelchair, I can vouch for how challenging it can be. The trident maple allee has closed up to the point we cannot sustain grass in that level of shade, so it's been hardpan for most of this season (or mud on the three days it actually rained). We had the opportunity to piggyback this project on another - VT Facilities and Parking Services are paving the little pavilion parking lot, so for minimal additional cost, the same company will do the path paving.

Estimated completion date for both projects is the end of October.
Progress!!! [ouch]

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