Tuesday, November 18, 2008


That I May Serve...

A motto I am proud to be associated with and words I strive to live up to. Part of a public garden's mission is to serve its visitors as a place providing respite, education, and many other wonderful things. I am proud to say that our asphalt pathway is just about finished! It is already creating much wonderful traffic through the garden, and allowing for new traffic that we previously have not been able to host, like wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers.

I 've heard a number of people express their dismay over the choice of asphalt as the material for the path. To be honest, I used to feel similarly. But, as I have had time to reflect on the purpose of the pathway and its ability to open the garden for so many new visitors, I have become its largest fan. So, to the asphalt haters, take a moment to think of this new pathway system with Virginia Tech's motto in mind and you too will see the beauty of it all.

P.S. Ut Prosim aside, on a purely aesthetic level, I think the pathway is looking quite nice! Come check it out!

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